Splash was established in 2003 and is located in beautiful Morro Bay, CA. Our heated outdoor pool is 15’ x 30’ and is dog handicap accessible. We provide clean, safe and relaxed surroundings for your dog to enjoy the benefits of swimming.

Swimming is an excellent way to improve the quality of life for your dog. For the injured, pre- and post-surgical, or arthritic dog our heated pool provides a warm, relaxed environment. Low-impact, non-weight bearing exercise achieved from swimming allows your dog to attempt full range of motion. Full range of motion is often difficult to accomplish in weight bearing exercise because of prescribed rest, possible atrophy and limb or joint pain. Muscles are re-educated from the reflex motion your dog assumes when in the pool. Muscular and cardiovascular strength are developed to help your dog to continue mobility on land. The movement from swimming helps stimulate the formation of synovial fluids in your dogs joints.

Swimming for the canine athlete is a wonderful addition to his/her cross training regimen. Building muscular strength can help in preventing injury on the agility field, confirmation ring, flyball field, or in Frisbee competition. The large size of the pool allows your active dog to fully extend, play games, and do tricks.

A specially-designed lift assists your dog into the pool where he/she begins swimming safely and with assistance by Chris Barrett (owner of Splash).

The relaxed atmosphere helps dogs of all kinds to adjust to the new watery environment. The lift is used as a resting place for your dog. It can also be a good station to utilize manual techniques such as range of motion exercises, assisted standing, and massage.

Many young and new dog additions to your family benefit from learning to swim from your already swimming canine family member.

Swimming at Splash will become an integral part of your dog’s quality of life. Most dog’s enjoy the exercise of swimming. They gain confidence both  mentally and physically. You will notice an improvement in your dog’s spirit.

The owners are encouraged to participate in the activities by cheering, throwing toys, and playing games. It does not take too long before you and your dog feel like one of the Splash family.

Come and join our Splash family!


Splash Swim Dog Therapy - Improving Your Dog’s Quality of Life